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Remote Aboriginal Communities - Alternative Power and Water Supply


  • Remote Aboriginal Communities - Alternative Power and Water Supply


    Will the above hand prints be the only remaining evidence that traditional Aboriginal society once existed or will the mining company bulldoze these sites as well?

    Please share, as we need as much support as we can get, for the remote Aboriginal communities, to help them to continue to remain on their land. If they are removed the first thing that will happen is that their sacred sites will be bulldozed, the fo
    llow on will the disintergration of our ancient Aboriginal culture. Once removed they will not be able to return to practice their ceremonies, eventually the language, ceremony and social systems will disappear. As what occurred along the east coast and in most area's, in cities, they will only be able to read about their culture and language in books. One of the saddest moments in history occurred in America where the local Aboriginal people had to hire an anthropologists to come in and teach them their own ceremonies, dances, language and social system. Don't allow the Western Australian government to drive Aboriginal people from their ancestral grounds for the sake of mining company's profit.

    Below underground water tanks.
    New types of water tanks have been developed, that can be stored underground, maybe a better way for communities living in area's where too much direct sunlight is a problem. New developments means that communities can still exist without relying on government supply. The costs of water tanks vary like solar packs but are sufficient for remote communities to continue to exist. There are other types of technology that could utilised for other purposes. Our main concern is that if the people are removed is that they will not be able to return and if they do, will the sacred sites still exist. We need to be vigilant and provide protection for these sites, it is of vital importance the connection is kept to the land and the ancestors. The government and mining companies have an horrific reputation for bulldozing sites and disrespecting Aboriginal history and culture particularly in WA. The federal government has the power of veto and can change the situation faced by these communities. They stepped in with the intervention based on lies, why wont they now step based on truths. The remote people, the heart and soul of cultural Australia, the first citizens of our nation are under attack by the mining companies, with the support of our own governments.

    This type of solar power system shown below is an example of the the type of system that would enable remote communities to have basic electricity supplies.

    Though the solar packs would only be temporary messure it will send a message to the government that the community are united on this issue and will continue to fight against governmental oppression of Aboriginal community. It is a start for remote communities independence instead of rely on governments

    Logistically it is possible to raise enough funds to supply power and water for all the remote Aboriginal communities. $2 from 1% of the state population would ensure this. The amount of funding from my on page, made up of $2 for 800 friends, would generate $1600 enough for either a solar power pack or water container. People can utilise their own page, and help out by creating the same cause as below. In other words, if 800 people obtained $2 from 800 friends each, then that would equate to $1,280,000. Even if people donated $1 we would still have $640,000. The target figure shown on my cause is $300,000, half of what could be generated for remote Aboriginal communities. The target of $300,000 is not what we expect to achieve, but is a figure that has a defined amount, with an end date 30 September 2015. It all comes down to the question, whether people are willing to, or can afford to, donate $1 to the remote Aboriginal communities cause?. We have already donated $10 to the cause. Note the solar power systems and water tanks are only an example there a wider range of systems available.

    We need your support to spread the word thank you for your time.


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