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    THEATRE REVIEW of GLAMM Productions THE WISDOM OF EVE Theatre Works Directed by Meredith Fuller


    4 performances left: playing Fri 6.45, Sat matinee 1.45 & GALA 6.45, Sunday 5pm
    How do solve a problem like Maria..... fck wrong movie damn How do u solve a problem like my Eva, ah yes that feels better already. Not a musical not an opera but of operatic proportions this juggernaut of dialogue and intrigue is none-the-less a fascinating amalgam of script to film n back again... phew!!

    Arriving at the all now all too familiar "Theatreworks' in Acland St (just around the cnr from the only Penthouse I ever managed to live in longer than 2yrs in neighboring Eildon Rd St Kilda Melbourne Australia) it felt a bit like a nice homo-coming. The last time I was in this space (originally an old Sunday-school play-center) was to see hear the astonishingly brilliant Margaret Fulton Queen Of The Dessert which we ( our now defunct website) loved loved loved also. (Perish the word) "Musicals" mercifully there is no singing in this play bravo.

    If you're finding this review a bit all over the place remember I am coming out of retirement from a background of film arts-opera review especially for this show. A reworking (original script version of) All About Eve.... a gay cult film classic thnx to legendary toxic-queen of malice n mirth Bette Davis (my hero). So wot do we ave ere then.....Meredith Fuller n Co? It's a Fuller-on version (pun intended) of an entry level "mistresspiece" of theater/angst.

    Opening tonites performance was the fabulis duo-combo "5 O'clock shadow" on guitars kazoo drums n didgeridoo n vocals, lead singer Paul Morris appearing later in the play itself as witty incisive TV columnist Tally Ho.

    We all apparently know the story of how innocent/amateur ingénue schemer Eve Harrington rises to the top in Broadway by flattering and undermining/sabotaging her idol music-star Margo Crane (am I the only person in the world who has never seen the original film?) I blame opera classical music and Eric Satie for saving me the theatre/film whirled. This gal is on fire.....(Eve) Lauren Murtagh as she simmers her way into the hearts lives n minds of her soon to be contemporaries; plotting scheming lying scheming betraying you know all the good bits in musical theater are in her kitbag of stardom.

    On a divided set(s) stage floor the dressing room stage-left n various interiors at right the play at times runs several conversations interweaved like a Warhol movie; this works to great effect, as after-all it is a story of parallels n personal comparisons/achievements supposedly steered by men in power with women as players. Classic theatre/Jungian archetypes are all included and given equal time for us audience to get to gleefully love n hate most characters in turn.
    Not liking musical theatre much at all it appealed nicely to my wicked sense of humor and drama. Would I go see it again.... Yes this Saturday (as reviewers we really mostly only ever go see live-theater for the opening party (we will go again because they have the GALA audience frock up do at the end of its season).

    Bitchy fabulis schema campy archetypical figures playing themselves playing out their (and now also our) personal vendettas/atrocities against good taste n theatre "these r the things these r the things the things that dreams are made of" .

    Human League

    GLAMM Productions (Gary Wall, Ana Della Rocca, Meredith Fuller)

    The Wisdom of Eve cast directed by Meredith Fuller

    Lauren Murtagh, Natasha Broadstock, Ana Della Rocca, Peter Hatherley, Gary Wall, Jacob Antolini, Paul Morris, Lindy Yeates, Damian Oehme, Davida Graham.

    - by Lionel Tom Curtis; Gay Jungian Alchemist Kabbalist

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