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Stop discrimination & violence against the homeless.


  • Stop discrimination & violence against the homeless.

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    Join us and Light 1000 Candles to commemorate the lives of people who have died under the protection, care and treatment of the Federal and Victorian Government, Victorian Police and agents of the State (including Church Organizations and Non Government Community and the Homelessness/Housing Industry.

    Aboriginals, Refugees, People from Non English Speaking Backgrounds, CALD communities, People from the Stolen Generations and Forgotten Australians, People from the GBLTI Community, People experiencing Homelessness, Mental Health issues, People with Disabilities and those incarcerated are the most discriminated people in Victoria.

    They are routinely discriminated, racially profiled and harassed by agents of the State.They are subjected to gross violations of their Human Rights expressed in the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsiblities Act, 2006.

    77% of people trying to access or use Health, Community, Housing and Homelessness services have indicated (in Consumer Only and Run Forums) they have been subjected to torture , cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

    Their Human Rights are violated on a daily basis by Federal and Victorian Police, Protective Service Officers, Government Departments, Non Government Departments and Church based Religious Organisation.

    These Departments and Agents of the State are entrusted to protect and care for some of our most marginalized, vulnerable people and their communities. However these Agencies exclude rather include and cherry pick who they provide services. They rarely are accountable or transparent to the people or communities they funded by Government to serve or claim to represent, protect and care.

    This Rally has been organised as part of the campaigns: 'Stop the Privatisation of Public Housing. Protect, Defend and Extend' and the 'Unite, Fight Back and Stop the Privatisation of Public Housing'.
    Steps of Victorian Parliament House

    MC for this event:

    Kelvin Onus King - Aboriginal Human Rights, Health Activist and Co Convenor Australian Mental Health Human Rights and Law Reform Coalition

    People who have agreed to speak include:

    Robbie Thorpe - Aboriginal Activist and 3CR Radio personality

    Viv Malo - Gooniyandi Activist

    Gary Foley

    Stephen Jolly - Councillor City of Yarra. Socialist Party

    Amanda Thornburn - TAFE Student, Social Housing Tenant and Youth Mental Health Advocate

    Liz Walsh - Socialist Alternative and Refugee Action Collective

    Kate Borland - Political campaigner for Public Housing and Public Housing

    Jacinta Chavulak - Socialist Party and University Student

    Michael Merrett - Disability Advocate. Public Transport

    Jacob Hapeta - Public Housing Tenant, Homelessness, Housing, Human Rights Activist and Musician

    Rose Ljubicic - Sole parent advocate

    Simon - Homelessness Advocate currently experiencing Primary Homelessness

    Naomi Farmer - Socialist Alternative

    Bernhard Daniels - Mental Health Advocate and Carer

    Colin and Mel Mallet

    Andrew Klein
    - Former Victoria Police Officer - Bail Justice for Victoria. Member of the International Human Rights Organization - IHRO - Human Rights

    Wayne Simmonds - Forgotten Australians and Public Housing Tenant

    Kepha Markhino - Human Rights Activist and person who has experienced violations of the right to Housing

    Members of Sudanese Community, African Community, Vietnamese Community

    Greg Oke - Co Convenor Australian Mental Health Human Rights and Law Reform Coalition and Housing Association Tenant

    Performances by:

    Jacob Hapeta - Public Housing Tenant, Homelessness, Housing, Human Rights Activist and Musician

    Benjamin Solah - Activist, Writer and Poet
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