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    Many years ago I was the secretary of the Collingwood Football Club Bowling Club, formerly Northcote BC at the bottom of Rucker's Hill in Westgarth, when MacAlister and Petrie were the bosses at the Magpies (fun times) and at the time I had had a set of Maestros made for me by Henselite, Maskell reckoned they were the new thang, much better than my Drakes Specials he said.

    All sets of lawn bowls have insignias carved into them, I wanted my own original design and I had a huge male pot leaf pressed in a book, it was a cross of the original Califorinan Orange skunk that hit Oz and was huge and fat leaved plant. So I thought, ahhh, I'll get one of my graphic artist mates to copy and prepare the art for the bowls, but when I opened the book the leaf had the very top of the middle leaf turned over.

    I had him draw it as it was, bent top and all, and the bowls looked beautiful painted up in rasta colours to match.

    During the first half of the season in Division 1A we were playing an away game at Lilydale and I was playing 2 to Disco, with Longy 3 and Lindsay Soutter lead.

    After about the 4th end my opposite 2 bends down and picks up my bowl and says, "That's a dope leaf, thought it was a japanese maple, but it is a dope leaf!!!"

    I said, "Yep, skunk."

    He says with a wry smile, "By the way Mick I'm a sergeant in the local drug squad."

    ...nervous laugh, "So do you like the design?", I asked.

    He bent down and picked up and showed me his had a skunk cola, head, carved into it in intricate detail....

    We looked at each other for that exquisite moment before we almost both almost wet ourselves with laughter...THEN got back to the real grass we had to contend with, erm plastic anyway...
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