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    It appears that Numan Haider, on the evidence we have been told, was indeed attempting to carry out an extreme act of violence, an emulation of the beheading atrocities that have occurred in Syria.

    We need to keep our heads though; this is a terrible thing to think, but I firmly believe that there is no ‘foothold’ for terror in this country, it can’t start as a grass fire and consume us. There are just not enough of them to hold a fist and as we are the most tolerant country on the planet, that fact alone works against a mass inflammation here. No heretical philosophies like ISIS have a chance of getting any oxygen here…UNLESS we fuel its flames with fear, make potential radicals think that this shit is working on us and it is going to help some far flung cause bring us to our knees?

    But that does not send a signal to the general population to react in a frightened manner, all Imams and Muftis in Australia have condemned this action and IS and are working with their communities to keep their level of worry about reprisals on innocent people who just happen to be Muslims, as we all should be working with our local communities and friends to help stem a torrent of overreaction.

    Our tolerance is our largest shield, the biggest weapon for calm that we have. Since serious European and South East Asian, in Melbourne we had a huge influx of Muslim Turks move into the far northern suburbs, heaps of Christian Middle Eastern people at the same time (all escaping horror they didn’t want for their families) we have always had the major media fanning flames to sell their wares. We also have a lot of Muslim Middle European peoples here. Sure we have had major issues accepting every influx of new arrivals, but the vast majority of these people are now cemented in place Aussies. Old ‘gang’ members are now respectable businessmen and women with 2nd and 3rd generation Aussie broods.

    The tragedy that has unfolded in Endeavour Hills has still a lot of explanation required from police as to why they acceded to his request to meet in the car park. Police hierarchy is working to ensure that procedures will be changed so this same type of action can’t happen again; it has me puzzled as to why there is not vision from surveillance cameras on the car park.

    I can fully understand the police member’s right and motivation to shoot to kill, it may have serve our country better had he not died and we had a chance to find out what was going on in this kid’s head…an 18 year old Jihadist carrying a flag (?), a phone and a large knife in his sock they found out later!

    Don’t panic eh, if you are worried reach out to people in the community and say that you take this with a grain of salt and tell then you have their back too, keep your thoughts independent of the major media circus, of the milieu of expert opinion that does little more than baffle the reality of what is being overlaid on our consciousness’.

    Be unafraid, ISIS is an ideology, not a religion or nation, it is a bunch of soldiers of fortune fighting in a far off land. I just feel contempt for anyone that thinks that they can scare Australians into anything but a fair minded people that identifies our character as Australians. This scare mongering should have as much effect as a fart in a soup kitchen on us as a people… Jihad will just not fly here.

    Below is an accurate Timeline of events involving Ahmed Numan Haider.


    1995-96: Ahmed Numan Haider is born in Afghanistan.

    2007: His family moves to Endeavour Hills in Melbourne’s southeast, after moving to Victoria via South Australia.

    FROM 2010: Sources say the conscientious teen falls under the spell of Islamic extremists linked to radical Al-Furqan group.

    SEPTEMBER 12, 2012:
    Springvale South’s Al-Furqan Information Centre is targeted in counter-terrorism raids netting guns and a computer memory stick allegedly containing extremist material.

    MID-2014: Haider’s relationship with Sri Lankan woman - whom he converted to Islam - turns sour, leaving him heartbroken and angry.

    MID-2014: Victoria Police are alerted to Haider. He reportedly unfurls flag in Dandenong Plaza shopping centre, supporting terror group Islamic State.

    EARLY SEPTEMBER: Agencies gather intelligence that Haider plans to travel to Syria to join IS.

    SEPTEMBER 16: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade officers cancel his passport amid increasingly inflammatory outbursts on social media about ASIO and the Australian Federal Police. One post abusing authorities is accompanied by photographs of Haider wearing camouflage gear and holding a flag.

    SEPTEMBER 18: Haider clashes with several police at Dandenong Plaza while aggressively promoting Islam to shoppers.

    TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 - MID-AFTERNOON: Police attend Haider’s Endeavour Hills home while he is said to be out at Hungry Jack’s. They allegedly search his room.

    Haider’s parents tell their son his room has been searched. The furious teen and counter-terrorism officers then speak and they arrange a meeting at the station.

    SHORTLY AFTER: Police agree to meet 18-year-old, who they do not consider to be a major threat, outside in car park after he tells them he feels uneasy about talking in station foyer.

    ABOUT 7.45PM: Haider greets officers with a handshake before stabbing a Victoria Police officer twice in the arm then stabbing the AFP agent in head, neck, stomach and wrist

    ABOUT 7.45PM: Victoria Police officer he stabbed fires a single shot, killing teen.

    JUST BEFORE 8PM: A second larger knife - which police believe he may have intended to use to behead his victims - is found in Haider’s sock along with a ISIS flag and mobile phone capable of recording video with audio

    ABOUT 10PM: Explosives expert and bomb disposal robot comb police station.

    WEDNESDAY: AFP officer in serious but stable condition after surgery.

    WEDNESDAY: Victoria Police officer has surgery.
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