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  • Fitzroy St bike track repaint - south side

    Fitzroy St bike track repaint - south side

    3 Lanes too far!

    After the monstrous, Street destroying, car munching, 2 lane bike track was installed on the south side of Fitzroy Street, the bike lane on the north side was left to fade, like most other disused roadworks, as if to disappear...or so we thought!

    To my surprise I was alerted to new work to refurbish the north side bike lane as the video above shows. This move can only end up in disaster by encouraging fast paced commuters on the two whe...
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  • In Bob We Trust

    In Bob We Trust

    A preview of the movie made by Ghost on our wonderful Fr Bob Maguire.

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  • unChain Newsletter

    unChain Newsletter

    June Quarter 2013
    1. Special General Meeting of unChain Inc
    2. The Committee
    3. Social Events
    4. Membership
    5. New Port Phillip CEO and a new head of Environment and Planning
    6. The St Kilda Triangle
    7. Council Budget
    8. Yarra Trams proposals for Fitzroy and Acland Streets...
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  • Auditor General Investigating Vic Forest

    Auditor General Investigating Vic Forest

    I heard Amelia Young from The Wilderness Society on 3RPP last night talking about the current legislation going through the houses of Victorian parliament.

    The legislation bypasses existing rules on areas that can be logged, for example Mount Saint Leonards. The Healesville community protested last year to end logging on this sight due to an endangered species of Lead Beater possum, the Victorian state emblem. A judge ruled at a hearing a year ago that logging was to
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  • BoomBandit


    IPhone, Go Pro and Ion Camera must have!
    My friend Marcus invented this thing and it is just brilliant. I see a lot of pro and semi pro photographers with their grouse little cameras at rock and roll gigs, HELLOOOO YOU WILD GIRLS!!! In fact I haven't been able to get monopole out of my mind since I saw Soozie and Chrissie, who was holding huge wand with wee camera atop, at a gig at Hi Fi...maybe it was their leather, but I thought how cool, just a steadying pole. Anyway this Boom Bandi...
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  • Fitzroy Street Dying

    Fitzroy Street Dying

    Do You Prefer to Drive to St Kilda?

    The Street, as a local Melbourne icon has been incrementally destroyed by radical changes to the streetscape that have been implemented over the last 3 years and Fitzroy Street traders are at their wits end. So Wayne 'Mouse' Thompson and I decided to highlight the issues faced by the traders and to inform not only locals but all St Kilda visitors of the fact that Fitzroy Street, in fact the whole of OUR iconic beach suburb of St Kilda, is under a...
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  • Bubup Nairm Family and Children's Centre

    Bubup Nairm Family and Children's Centre

    After a recommendation to the City of Port Phillip, Council unanimously accepted as of the 13th of February 2013 that the St Kilda Family and Children's Centre will now be known as ,"" Bubup (bub-up) is an aboriginal word for Children and Nairm (nam) is Port Phillip Bay.

    This new integrated family and children's centre provides:

    • up to 116 licensed children's services places - this is an increase of 63 places on the current St
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  • Business needs a Plan B

    Business needs a Plan B

    The B Team, a global non-profit founded by Jochen Zeitz, me and a group of wonderful partners and leaders. We will work together to deliver a Plan B for businesses - a new way of doing business that prioritises people and the planet alongside profit.

    The B Team are working with government agencies, the social sector, and business leaders to help get on top of some of the world’s seemingly intractable challenges. We are keen to listen, learn and share with others...
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  • Digital Release of Wrong Side of the Road

    Digital Release of Wrong Side of the Road

    30 Years Celebration of Groundbreaking Film

    Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, came to down to officiate over the re release of Graeme Isaac and Ned Lander's AFI Award winning film Wrong Side of the Road.

    Here is an interview from SBS Radio Living Black show presenter Michelle Lovegrove speaking to Carol, Bart and Les.

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  • Fitzroy and Acland Street Murder

    Fitzroy and Acland Street Murder

    Tram route experiment spells end for many traders

    Consultation under pressure

    Both Fitzroy Street and Acland Street will be going through another bout of road, tramway and streetscaping sometime in 2014, most likely after
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  • The Songs of Robert Lloyd at Holy Trinity Church
    by Mick Pacholli

    MelbourneEast Arts Festival

    Robert Lloyd has served the Australian and International Arts/Music world since 1986. Beginning in Adelaide he has travelled the world performing and composing his unique music and songs.

    I have a couple of Robert’s albums but have seen little of him live so it was wonderful to be invited to see his performance at Holy Trinity Church in East Melbourne, a show that is part of the MelbourneEast Arts Festival.
    29 August 2016, 01:49 PM
  • Positive Disruption
    by Mick Pacholli

    A BIG change is COMING.....To EVERY Industry You Know.

    Hello There - My Name is Brad Fergusson. I am Head of Purpose & Global Brand Development at Just Doing The Right Thing Group.

    I know, I know...who are you?? So what?? You are just another guy with a title.... AND you are right...I am all of those things....

    I am also a Father , Husband , Son , Brother , Employee , Entrepreneur , Friend , Confidante , Good Listener , Good
    18 April 2015, 04:02 PM
  • Democracy and the financial markets
    by Mick Pacholli

    Pic - Wikipedia

    President of Iceland Olafur Ragnar Grimsson identifies that it is a sane choice by nations to protect their democracies by simply allowing the banks to crash and default the payment of loans due to the IMF and simply rebuild their countries from the ground up.

    After suffering IMF debts that were 10 times their national GDP, when the GFC hit, unlike Australia, Iceland's banks went crashing down in tune with the EU.

    Iceland is country
    12 April 2015, 03:38 PM
    by Mick Pacholli




    To commemorate the Centenary of ANZAC, ARIA award winning musician Tex Perkinshas recorded 'One Minute's Silence' featuring Australian Rules Football legend Ron Barassi. The Beasts of Bourbon and Cruel Sea front man, Tex Perkins, is joined by The Steel Springs (taking their name from a pivotal scene in the movie Gallipoli), The Welsh C...
    6 April 2015, 02:06 PM
  • Crash the system - Iceland's secret to success
    by Mick Pacholli

    Pic courtesy

    To take this idea of Crowd Sourced Democracy and apply it to Australia isn't as far fetched as we may think.

    We all identify as Australians, whether from the far east, west, north or south, and every bit in the middle of this country. Our geological wealth is being sucked out of the country with relatively poor returns to the national coffers and our economy is tortured by global financial and economic organisations that would
    11 March 2015, 02:14 PM
  • 'Crook' redlight cameras under investigation.
    by Mick Pacholli
    'POPCORN' under fire - at last!

    The redlight camera on the corner of Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy Street has finally come to the attention of the authorities in realation to its massive revenue. Warrigal/Batesford Roads intersection also concerns traffic camera commissioner Gordon Lewis. He notes that this is not uncommon in 40km an hour zones preceding the red light camera. A 65% increase in the Lakeside Drive camera, a huge spike in the last three months of last ye...
    11 March 2015, 01:01 AM