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  • Tramways Meeting at Bowlo Tomorrow

    Tramways Meeting at Bowlo Tomorrow

    Super Stop to Block School Access

    Got an opinion on trams, cars and Acland Street?

    The route 96 tram project is part of the State Govt $800m Tram upgrade project. Information sessions are to be held on three occasions regarding planned changes to stop 133 Fitzroy street (outside SKIPPS) and Acland Street.

    Come along and have your say. The first session is TOMORROW - Saturday 15th June - at the St Kilda Bowls Club, Fitzroy Street - from 10am
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  • Subscribe to The King's Tribune

    Subscribe to The King's Tribune

    I have been subscriber to the King's Tribune now for a couple of years and it changed its format a few months ago. I miss the feel of the printed product but this web based subscription site is very good and easy on the eye. Many fantastic writers, ideas, recipes and much more. I thought I'd give you a taste of their latest newsletter but I highly recommend that you subscribe ti the King's Tribune to get this amazing collection of local writer's works. ...
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  • Jeff Patterson - A Great Send off for a Great Man

    Jeff Patterson - A Great Send off for a Great Man

    Jeff Patterson's funeral and celebration on his life was held yesterday at Macquarie Park in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde. The send off was well attended by many of Patto's friends including myself and my lady and partner Sharon and my eldest son Jason. Also in attendance was Jeff's loving wife Mary and other family members. Several people spoke of their friendships and wonderful memories of such a colourful character. They spoke of times they played golf, travelled with him to various par...
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  • Funeral Arrangements for Jeff Patterson

    Funeral Arrangements for Jeff Patterson

    Family and friends of Jeff Patterson are invited to celebrate his life in the chapel of Macquarie Park Crematorium, corner of Delhi and Plassey Roads, North Ryde, Sydney, on Wednesday 8th May 2013, commencing at 2 pm. Many friends from around the world, including many from Melbourne, have told me they will be attending so I am envisaging a large attendance to send of a most lovable character and one of my best friends. This is an article emailed to me by Rob Shaw of the Examiner newspaper in T...
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  • Sad Passing of Jeff Patterson - A True Legend

    Sad Passing of Jeff Patterson - A True Legend

    It is with a heavy heart I pass on the sad news of Jeff Patterson's passing.

    Jeff was a lovable larrikin who played Aussie Rules for Richmond, Fitzroy and South Melbourne. Even though he didn't play a lot of games, he will be well remember for the ones he did play.
    Jeff also tried his hand at boxing, but with most things Jeff got involved in there was always some controversy. You can read his exploits in his book"What A Life" which is available in the Toorak Times
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  • Drug Law Reform

    Drug Law Reform

    Drug Law Reform Australia
    Our campaign to make Drug Law Reform Australia a registered political party for the next election is continuing apace. We now have 351 members and are almost on target to meet the requirement of 500 members. Firstly, we'd like to welcome the 75 new members who've joined the campaign since our last newsletter! Many thanks to all our members who've been working hard, helping get the message out there. We had a fantastic response to last week's newsletter,...
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  • Iran, Peacemakers?

    Iran, Peacemakers?

    It IS the End of the We Knew It!

    Everything that humanity had thought about the way physics worked has been thrown out the window illuminating the universe's natural laws which until now we have totally misunderstood.

    Iranian nuclear physicist M.T. Keshe makes it reasonably clear that the world now has an understanding about the Laws of Nature that will allow us to clear ourselves from the shackles of carbon based fuels. It is now no wonder that the US gove...
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  • Stop discrimination & violence against the homeless.

    Stop discrimination & violence against the homeless.

    Join us and Light 1000 Candles to commemorate the lives of people who have died under the protection, care and treatment of the Federal and Victorian Government, Victorian Police and agents of the State (including Church Organizations and Non Government Community and the Homelessness/Housing Industry. Aboriginals, Refugees, People from Non English Speaking Backgrounds, CALD communities, People from the Stolen Generations and Forgotten Australians, People from the GBLTI Community, People exper...
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  • The Stars Remember

    The Stars Remember

    Now THAT'S Cool!

    I got a call from one of my dearest friends, Les Graham, lead guitarist from the iconic Aboriginal Rock/Reggae band No Fixed Address the other night. Les Graham's amazingly haunting guitar sound from No Fixed Address has underwritten the 'sound' of Indigenous rock guitarists ever since and Les was the leader of that band for all the years they were together. Les was the linch pin between the act and management and was always about the business of getting the real st...
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  • New Wave Political Stream - Far Middle or Bust!

    New Wave Political Stream - Far Middle or Bust!


    William of Orange landing at Torbay

    My bad...the current rank and file Independent politicians input and activity amounts to a Furphy. Past party inconsolables or aperatchiks living their own little fiefdoms, pretending to be our "conscience".

    I still reckon that Independent politicians are the way to go, the best Government Victoria has ever had was when Bracksy hit the boards with some seriously involved Independent individuals, like Craig Ingram and Roger Savage that were the balance of power in Victoria.

    I have presented many tomes about the representation of the unwashed, us, by the Indies but we seriously need to seek locally based individuals that will represent us as Independent members I see the my previous rants purporting the idea of Indies as invalid.
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  • The Songs of Robert Lloyd at Holy Trinity Church
    by Mick Pacholli

    MelbourneEast Arts Festival

    Robert Lloyd has served the Australian and International Arts/Music world since 1986. Beginning in Adelaide he has travelled the world performing and composing his unique music and songs.

    I have a couple of Robertís albums but have seen little of him live so it was wonderful to be invited to see his performance at Holy Trinity Church in East Melbourne, a show that is part of the MelbourneEast Arts Festival.
    29 August 2016, 01:49 PM
  • Positive Disruption
    by Mick Pacholli

    A BIG change is COMING.....To EVERY Industry You Know.

    Hello There - My Name is Brad Fergusson. I am Head of Purpose & Global Brand Development at Just Doing The Right Thing Group.

    I know, I know...who are you?? So what?? You are just another guy with a title.... AND you are right...I am all of those things....

    I am also a Father , Husband , Son , Brother , Employee , Entrepreneur , Friend , Confidante , Good Listener , Good
    18 April 2015, 04:02 PM
  • Democracy and the financial markets
    by Mick Pacholli

    Pic - Wikipedia

    President of Iceland Olafur Ragnar Grimsson identifies that it is a sane choice by nations to protect their democracies by simply allowing the banks to crash and default the payment of loans due to the IMF and simply rebuild their countries from the ground up.

    After suffering IMF debts that were 10 times their national GDP, when the GFC hit, unlike Australia, Iceland's banks went crashing down in tune with the EU.

    Iceland is country
    12 April 2015, 03:38 PM
    by Mick Pacholli




    To commemorate the Centenary of ANZAC, ARIA award winning musician Tex Perkinshas recorded 'One Minute's Silence' featuring Australian Rules Football legend Ron Barassi. The Beasts of Bourbon and Cruel Sea front man, Tex Perkins, is joined by The Steel Springs (taking their name from a pivotal scene in the movie Gallipoli), The Welsh C...
    6 April 2015, 02:06 PM
  • Crash the system - Iceland's secret to success
    by Mick Pacholli

    Pic courtesy

    To take this idea of Crowd Sourced Democracy and apply it to Australia isn't as far fetched as we may think.

    We all identify as Australians, whether from the far east, west, north or south, and every bit in the middle of this country. Our geological wealth is being sucked out of the country with relatively poor returns to the national coffers and our economy is tortured by global financial and economic organisations that would
    11 March 2015, 02:14 PM
  • 'Crook' redlight cameras under investigation.
    by Mick Pacholli
    'POPCORN' under fire - at last!

    The redlight camera on the corner of Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy Street has finally come to the attention of the authorities in realation to its massive revenue. Warrigal/Batesford Roads intersection also concerns traffic camera commissioner Gordon Lewis. He notes that this is not uncommon in 40km an hour zones preceding the red light camera. A 65% increase in the Lakeside Drive camera, a huge spike in the last three months of last ye...
    11 March 2015, 01:01 AM