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  • Do you get chain mail?

    Do you get chain mail?

    What to publish?

    Are chain mail emails a window into peoples souls in this soulless ethernet?

    Over the years mates have sent me volumes of jokes and pics and other hilarious stuff, generally I have thought they were very funny bastards, some gems, a few of which were shared on bowls blogs.

    Whilst I was writing for my sisters in the Metro News, I started to receive a darker type of email chain letter, some barely comprehensible but others full tilt anti Muslim and other conspiracy theorists, whilst the girls went full tilt on Aboriginal, Palestinian and women's issues.

    Being Far Middle, this didn't sit well with me, being the multicultural nation we are now, no going back...
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  • Merry Happies, All!!!

    Merry Happies, All!!!

    Toorak Times writers and editors would like to thank all those that have found our virtual newspaper/broadcast venue entertaining enough to keep coming back.

    I have had some very loyal contributors that have allowed me to use their material from day one and a couple of other legends that have battled on through my crazy idea of building the site as a 'Reality Build' - warts and all.

    I feel the build is almost complete, we will be shuffling sections and subjects so that it ...
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  • Deaths in Custody

    Deaths in Custody

    Patricia's started a petition on that we thought you might be interested in signing -- read on for a message in her own words.
    On 4 January 2012, my nephew T. Daniels Briscoe...
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  • Protesters Lie Outright

    Protesters Lie Outright

    50% Local Vote 'Against' is Misleading
    It appears that information being used to try and stop a much wanted McDonalds outlet in Upwey is being skewed to make people believe that a survey taken was answered with a local response of 50% of the local population voting yes and the other half voting no. It appears the YES vote is a real indication of the vote but the NO vote is formed from votes all over Australia...which on the face of it seems like the negative are pushing a fra...
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  • The Itinerary of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in Australia

    The Itinerary of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in Australia

    Service to the community is a key theme for a visit which is part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Service to the community – the central theme of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations – will be highlighted by The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall as they visit Papua-New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand next month. During a two week visit to the three countries, to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The Prince and The Duchess will meet a wide cross section of people
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  • $25 Pet Microchipping at "Dog in Dog Town" Event

    $25 Pet Microchipping at "Dog in Dog Town" Event

    National Pet Register is microchipping at the Williamstown Dogs Day Out at Nelson Reserve, Williamstown from 10am – 4pm on Sunday October 14. Just $25 to microchip your pet but you must make a booking on 1300 734 738 or by booking online at:

    https://hobsonsbay14102012.eventarc....rochipping-day A full list of National Pet Register discounted microchipping events can be foun...
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  • Gen X, why are you here? We didn't MEAN to breed you!

    Gen X, why are you here? We didn't MEAN to breed you!
    Generation X encompasses the 4.4 million Australians born between 1965 and 1979, in the Australian context. Due to the concerns with disease , mainly, Australians had a high uptake of pregnancy prevention, No Means No etc, and other disincentives with local Baby Boomers, Gen X is the smallest ever generation, both before and after representing 21% of the population. So being in their 30’s and early...
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  • Father Bob Needs More Funds, It's up to us!

    Father Bob Needs More Funds, It's up to us!

    Fr Bob Maguire Foundation

    This is something really simple, that will break none of us, something we KNOW our money will be used in the appropriate manner for the people it is meant to go to.

    This is too easy, the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation account number is 56-488-7321 and the BSB is 083-004 and you can donate at any NAB bank directly, or go here to make a Paypal donation. The Father Bob Maguire Foundation (FBMF) is h...
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  • Shameful Intervention Continuation

    Shameful Intervention Continuation

    It is an absolute disgrace that the Australian Government and the cowards that are helping to ruin this country have decided under Stronger Futures legislation to extend the interference of The Intervention in the lives of our indigenous citizens for another 10 years. Despite the Green's attempts to take out the worst parts of this legislation a virtually empty Senate chamber saw Labor and Liberal band together to ram this ruinous legislation through in the dead of night. Aboriginal leaders a...
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  • US Economy Drives Cult Missionaries to Australia

    US Economy Drives Cult Missionaries to Australia

    There are missionary teams of a group called Avatar, or Stars-Edge, Inc., wooing gullible locals into their pay your way to clarity cult. Licensed Avatar Masters are the 'preachers' of this Scientology break away. The originator of the Avatar organisation, Harry Palmer, once led a US Church of Scientology along with his partner and paid regular tithes to L.Ron Hubbard as his group slowly shifted away from the core religion, eventually stopping all tithes to the Church of Scientol...
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  • The Songs of Robert Lloyd at Holy Trinity Church
    by Mick Pacholli

    MelbourneEast Arts Festival

    Robert Lloyd has served the Australian and International Arts/Music world since 1986. Beginning in Adelaide he has travelled the world performing and composing his unique music and songs.

    I have a couple of Robert’s albums but have seen little of him live so it was wonderful to be invited to see his performance at Holy Trinity Church in East Melbourne, a show that is part of the MelbourneEast Arts Festival.
    29 August 2016, 01:49 PM
  • Positive Disruption
    by Mick Pacholli

    A BIG change is COMING.....To EVERY Industry You Know.

    Hello There - My Name is Brad Fergusson. I am Head of Purpose & Global Brand Development at Just Doing The Right Thing Group.

    I know, I know...who are you?? So what?? You are just another guy with a title.... AND you are right...I am all of those things....

    I am also a Father , Husband , Son , Brother , Employee , Entrepreneur , Friend , Confidante , Good Listener , Good
    18 April 2015, 04:02 PM
  • Democracy and the financial markets
    by Mick Pacholli

    Pic - Wikipedia

    President of Iceland Olafur Ragnar Grimsson identifies that it is a sane choice by nations to protect their democracies by simply allowing the banks to crash and default the payment of loans due to the IMF and simply rebuild their countries from the ground up.

    After suffering IMF debts that were 10 times their national GDP, when the GFC hit, unlike Australia, Iceland's banks went crashing down in tune with the EU.

    Iceland is country
    12 April 2015, 03:38 PM
    by Mick Pacholli




    To commemorate the Centenary of ANZAC, ARIA award winning musician Tex Perkinshas recorded 'One Minute's Silence' featuring Australian Rules Football legend Ron Barassi. The Beasts of Bourbon and Cruel Sea front man, Tex Perkins, is joined by The Steel Springs (taking their name from a pivotal scene in the movie Gallipoli), The Welsh C...
    6 April 2015, 02:06 PM
  • Crash the system - Iceland's secret to success
    by Mick Pacholli

    Pic courtesy

    To take this idea of Crowd Sourced Democracy and apply it to Australia isn't as far fetched as we may think.

    We all identify as Australians, whether from the far east, west, north or south, and every bit in the middle of this country. Our geological wealth is being sucked out of the country with relatively poor returns to the national coffers and our economy is tortured by global financial and economic organisations that would
    11 March 2015, 02:14 PM
  • 'Crook' redlight cameras under investigation.
    by Mick Pacholli
    'POPCORN' under fire - at last!

    The redlight camera on the corner of Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy Street has finally come to the attention of the authorities in realation to its massive revenue. Warrigal/Batesford Roads intersection also concerns traffic camera commissioner Gordon Lewis. He notes that this is not uncommon in 40km an hour zones preceding the red light camera. A 65% increase in the Lakeside Drive camera, a huge spike in the last three months of last ye...
    11 March 2015, 01:01 AM