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Cheyenne has for several years marveled at the way the AFL controls our sound inputs whilst at the AFL venues. Whether we like it or not, our ears are assaulted with absolute rubbish before, during and after the game. Exhibit 1 - Meatloaf. Exhibit 2 - Most of the bands that play at half time - though not because the bands are crap, the SOUND is crap. Mankind has conquered many things, but sound ain't one of them. So I suppose we can forgive the AFL a teensy bit.

However, let’s turn to Julian Assange’s Address from the Balcony. Three mikes gaffered together like a music festival from the 60s. The most anticipated speech from a public figure in years, and it’s a muffled, echoing mess. Surely the BBC had access to a direct feed they could have run through an OB van so that we on the other side of the world could understand what poor Soon to be Strung Up Jools had to say?

“Cheyenne, you idiot,” I hear you say, “they WANTED it to sound like crap.”

Not good enough, I say. Even a condemned man deserves to be heard in clarity. Bring on the earthquake in the San Andreas Fault, and let the whole USA slide, Titanic-like, into the Pacific.

Cheyenne Autumn