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Saints need strong leadership

So they managed to wake up enough cardinals and bishops to install a new pope. Named after St. Francis of Assisi. Legendary Tiger St.Francis (Bourke) was as tough as anyone - played with a broken leg. A couple of weeks ago,a US Bishop called Legge called Saint Francis ‘A sissy’. When that happened I dreaded the thought that his comment would be taken badly at Tigerland, and it seems, after knocking us and the Blues off, that it was.

Clearly, what our beloved Sainters need is for some nutcase world leader to have a go at us. Kim Jong-un - please get your (1930s issue) megaphone out and have a go at us. You could bring up our reliance on Centrebet and call us ‘capitalist running dogs’ perhaps? I’m sure, seeing the supreme power you have in making heavyweights like the US and China bend over backwards to make sure they don’t upset you, that you could do something that might turn our season around.

Aside from that pressing requirement, Cheyenne is confused by AFL 2013 style. Whereas in the past I had at least a 50-50 idea of who the free kick was going to go to, I now have no idea at all. To think that from 1943 to 2000 there were about 5 rule changes, and since then there have been hundreds. .

The AFL is now 99.9% business and the remaining 0.1% is Jaimee Rogers. Football, like the business world (and government - think Matthew Guy) is now a slave to the Shark Syndrome, i.e. a shark never stops moving, or it will die. So in every walk of life, everything has to be continually changing, or the populace might think that the pollies and ‘successful’ businessmen (i.e. crooks) aren’t earning their spas-full of money, jewels and (head)jobs for the boys.

This country desperately needs a violent revolution before Gina and her ilk control then consume every idea and product and we’re left with nothing.

*On the matter of Gina and her growing control of The Age, this morning as Cheyenne eagerly turned to the back of the sport pages to check the VFL results and see if any young Sainter brave did well for Sandy, what did he find? Nothing. The saving they make on researching the VFL scores can now be spent on another story on a ‘Biggest Loser’ contestant, or exclusive report from some glitterati event in Chapel Street. But who cares? Certainly not the AFL. They got their simpleton, tabloid ‘Malthouse v Buckley War’ on the front page every day, and I’m sure in two weeks we Sainters can look forward to a week of ‘Goddard v St.KIlda - the grudge match.’ Pathetic. Fix up the rules and give us our game back. 45 years ago Magpie captain Murray Weideman had several shots fired through his front window and the story lasted a day. If it happened now the story would last longer than Buddy’s contract and there’d be a royal commission.

Cheyenne Autumn