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  • Amorphous Androgynous ‘A Monstroz Psychedelic Bubble- the Wizards Of Oz’ - Just released

    Amazing Aussie Psychedelic Album Just released!

    Released by Warner Brothers, this amazing 35 track, 2 x CD release has been in the planning and assembly stage for almost two years.

    The Wizards Of Oz is devoted to the rich heritage of cosmic space music from Aus & NZ. To understand what it's all about, you'll need to open your mind & come with us on a cosmic space journey from 1966 to now!

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  • Cordelia Mein Kinde review

    Cordelia Mein Kinde review

    Dance Performance-Art Family Ballad
    Deborah Leiser-Moore

    Review by Peter Seaborn

    Performance 17th July Carlton La Mama Theatre Faraday Street.

    'quests to prove love, find secrets and speak unspoken names'

    Hot Braziers in a courtyard then benches in a dim space. Taverna lighting. Paper-roll screens upstage like long paper leaves and to our right...sand at their feet - to draw and throw and wipe a boundary to the past, our...
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  • Nicolette Forte CD Launch

    Nicolette Forte CD Launch

    The long awaited EP Launch of Nicolette Forte is set to shake the Latin Room at Topolino's Restaurant for a special one-night-only event on Wednesday the 25th July.

    Tickets: $20 (includes your own copy of the EP)
    Bookings: online here or at the venue

    Where: Topolinos
    When: Wed July 25th
    Time: Doors 7.30pm Bands from 8pm

    Hosted by the salacious duo from 'Sexytime!'...
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  • I Remember When . . . LD5's, GSP's and mushrooms reigned supreme - Part 7 of the ongoing story

    “HUBBLE BUBBLE, TOIL and TROUBLE” [Manfred Mann]

    This is Part 7 of an ongoing series of articles on: “I Remember … when it was great to be . . .

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  • Listen To Older Voices - Nancy Angove: Part 2

    Listen To Older Voices - Nancy Angove: Part 2

    In Part 2 of the story of 86-year old Nancy Angove, we find ourselves being taken through the years of the Second World War. This leads to an amazing story, where the conclusion doesn’t come about until almost 60-years later! Among the plethora of fascinating stories comes one of how Nancy became involved in the world of live theater came to sing and dance in front of Lady Mountbatten.

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  • The Set #10

    The Set #10

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  • The Doors Show - Absolutely Live @ The Espy Hotel

    The Doors Show - Absolutely Live @ The Espy Hotel

    To close off one of the busiest year's in their career spanning over 20 years, The Doors Show - Absolutely Live will be celebrating once again at the Espy Hotel, St Kilda On 7 December 2013, The Doors Show will play as the headline act in a full scale production, in the front bar of the world famous hotel. To thank all their loyal fans, this entire night will have the doors open for FREE ENTRY! All are welcome and it has been confirmed that media will be filming interviews during the evening for u...
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  • Funny man Stephen K Amos

    Funny man Stephen K Amos

    Stephen K Amos performing at Athenaeum Theatre as part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014.

    Stephen K Amos
    has huge funny bone action going on. From the start he had Thursday nights full house at Melbourne’s Anthenaeum Theatre in his pocket and he played with us like the seasoned international comedic professional he is.

    Evenly paced, engaging, his timing didn’t miss a beat. He easily merged impromptu and very funny dialogue with people in the
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  • Cream of The Crate: CD #42- Spirit: Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus

    Cream of The Crate: CD #42- Spirit: Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus

    "A Blockbuster." (Nick Tosches - Rolling Stone)
    "If you ever find 12 Dreams, buy it." (Anthony Nownes - Music Columnist Metro Pulse)

    Album Cover ...
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  • Stabbed in the Heart - Feminism and the Demise of Women’s Refuges in NSW


    The title of Wendy Bacon’s article in New Matilda ‘ – The Gutting and Gagging of Feminist Women’s Refuges in NSW – gets straight to the heart of the matter. ”More than 25 feminist women’s refuges in NSW have lost their government funding,” she says, ”with their buildings being handed over to religious or other charities. Many shelters will no longer focus on
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  • Cream of The Crate: Album # 126 - Bert Jansch and John Renbourn: Bert and John

    "My playing is much more raw and rhythmic, John’s much more melodic and light. You put the two together, and it’s a really nice combination.” (Bert Jansch - Uncut 2010)
    "Bert Jansch is, in all probability, the best contemporary writer of folk songs in the English language" (Bob Jones - Broadside Magazine Cambridge)

    "(John Renbourn)
    First hailed as an acoustic guitar hero of "folk baroque" in the 60s" (The Guardian, November 2011)

    This is album review number
    one hundred and twenty six in the series of retro-reviews of both vinyl and CD albums from my collection.
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  • Re: Should our troops be re engaged in Iraq?
    by Isobel Blackthorn
    Iraqi Civil War

    As Iraq breaks down into civil war our Prime Minister is making noises that we may have to take part in an 'allied' resolve to interfere again.

    What do you think?
    I think we should never have taken part first time round. Either the US and its allies are profoundly stupid in that they could not envisage the mayhem they would cause given the initial conditions, or profoundly clever, since last I heard of the $2 Trillion the US spent in Iraq, 90...
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